Re-casting for The I Am… Network . A network for the most elite of fashion blogs . 
Why is it called The I Am… Network? I personally believe that “I Am” are two of the strongest and most powerful words there are . “I Am” implies that you believe in yourself, and that you can be who you want to be . That you can be whoever you want, whenever you want . When you are excepted into this network, you will get to choose who you are and what you represent by selecting one single word, and there will be a link to your blog with the word you selected . For example, you could be: “I Am… Love” , “I Am… Strength” , “I Am… Fashion” . Whatever you want! Apply now, lovelies!
Must be following the admins ~ Cassie (fiftylehven), Joana (vogxie), and Maira (noirvogue)
Must reblog this! (Likes will be ignored, but you can like for bookmarking .)
Must fill out this survey .
Must be a fashion blog .
What I’m Looking For:
Active, fashion blogs .
Friendly, helpful bloggers .
Bloggers who are willing to help out their fellow fashionistas with html, promos, voting, etc .
Tons of new followers .
Meet tons of new, wonderful people .
Help with html, promos, voting, etc .
We’ll be doing big promos at least once every week !
Be a part of a tight-knit fashion family :) xo
What Happens When You’re In?
I will e-mail you the link and password to the network .
Promos and meeting new friends will begin !
For a Higher Chance:
Follow my Instagram (cassiebee7) and message me your username .
Follow noir-en-vogue and message me when you’ve done so !
Talk to me, Jo, and/or Maira so we can get to know you better !
✖ she made this beautiful banner ✖
I’m looking for some fresh minds for my network, and I will be selecting 15 - 20 blogs when I’m happy with the notes .
If you have anymore questions, please contact me and I’ll be happy to answer any of them ! xoxo

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First 5!


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  • reblogs only
  • msg me for promo of your choice
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compliment promo bc i’m losing followers -sad face-


  • mbf this sad loser
  • you’ll a get a lil’ compliment (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ
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  • promo stops when i get to my goal!
  • ((you’re missing out on the fun but that’s okay i suck anyway))

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